Kim Cain
REALTOR | Fine Home Consultant
Kim Cain
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Hi, I'm Kim. I am a proud Mother; Wife, Friend, and Christian. I enjoy peaceful nights relaxing with my family and diving into a good book. In a previous life, I worked in Corporate America consistently exceeding all standards and expectations. This is important as I know what it takes to deliver the type of service you and your family deserve. My relentless pursuit in delivering an Iconic Experience makes me the perfect partner for your real estate related goals.

At the Iconic Living Team, I am a Fine Home Consultant As a Fine Home Consultant and Certified Homebuying and Selling Expert, my role is thelp our clients have a memorable and smooth experience while saving your Time, Money, and Frustration.

We take the guesswork out of your real estate goals while positioning you to exceed your expectations. Our Relationship begins with our initial consultation and needs analysis. We identify what success looks like and chart the appropriate course to make it happen. Whether you are looking to Buy, Sell, or Invest in real estate, the Iconic Living Team and I have the experience and personalized service to make it happen.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team works with you. We employ Expert Advisors and representation at each role to ensure that each Consultant and Client has the support and service that represents our name: Iconic. No more relentless pressure from random agents attempting to sign you as a client. All of this means a far more pleasant and effective experience for you.